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Extended Information of Police Body Worn Camera

 How to wear the Police Body Worn Camera:

1. Check before use, whether the appearance of the machine is damaged or not, and whether the screen has cracks.

2. The user presses the switch button to open the law enforcement recorder.

3. View the Police Body Worn Camera screen, check the time, date, battery display, resolution, and amount of memory.

4. Hold the Police Body Worn Camera card in the left chest pocket.

5. Press the camera button and hear the tone to confirm the start of recording after the recording starts.

6. After using it, press the camera button again and hear the tone to confirm the recording is finished and shut down.



Notes on the use of Police Body Worn Camera:

1. After each Police Body Worn Camera activity is completed, the law enforcement personnel shall immediately upload and store the lPolice Body Worn Camera information, and classify and describe it according to the nature of the business.

2. The Police Body Worn Camera information is not provided for inspection and reproduction in principle. If it is necessary, it is necessary to perform the corresponding procedures.

3. It is not allowed to provide external law enforcement record information without permission or through the Internet and other communication channels.

4. No one may copy, modify or delete the law enforcement record information without approval.

5. If Police Body Worn Camera involves state secrets, trade secrets or personal privacy, it shall be kept confidential in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.


The Importance of Police Body Worn Camera:

Collect fixed evidence in time to restore the truth of the incident. Because the law enforcement recorder has the function of synchronous recording and recording, it is crucial to timely obtain evidence for some illegal facts that are lost in an instant. If there is no strong evidence, it will be very passive in law enforcement at the scene, or the case will be revoked due to insufficient evidence. Be warned of deterring people and consciously abide by laws and regulations.