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Know About the Collection Workstation of Police body worn cam

 Function item

System Configuration 

Power supply with protection function, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection and overload protection.
Industrial-grade main control board with hourly stable operation capability.
System disk uses high-speed solid state drive.
Storage disk with high reliability, high performance professional hard disk.

tandard import and export of all kinds of brands and various types of law enforcement recorder equipment (that is, law enforcement recorders with the standard name of the standard model starting from the Ministry of Public Security), and provide the police electronic product testing center issued by the Ministry of Public Security At least the brand has a total of not less than the authoritative test results of the model.

Display request
The interface connecting the law enforcement recorder is in one-to-one correspondence with the screen status display window, which can automatically identify the access law enforcement recorder and display the number of police officers connected to the law enforcement recorder, the name of the police officer, the import status and the progress of the import.

Access port and control
The workstation should have a standard physical interface that can be connected to the law enforcement recorder at the same time.
▲The workstation has two conventional interfaces for external keyboards, mobile hard disks, etc., and can control the enabling and disabling of the interface.

Storage management
▲ Storage status monitoring: The current storage capacity information can be displayed on the workstation, including total capacity, used capacity, and remaining capacity; and when the remaining capacity is lower than the set value, a prompt can be given.
Classified storage, which can store imported files according to record date, time, police officer name, police officer number, standard definition, etc.

Data import management

                                                       User binding, when a law enforcement recorder is set to bind to a fixed user name, the user name and password need not be entered when accessing the law enforcement recorder, and the imported file is automatically archived under the binding user name. When accessing an unbound law enforcement recorder, you must enter your username and password before you can start importing files and archive them under the entered username. A bound law enforcement recorder is only used in conjunction with a single user; an unbound law enforcement recorder can be associated with multiple usernames.
After the breakpoint is resumed, the import of the file can be continued after the law enforcement recorder is disconnected from the workstation and connected.
The file is automatically emptied, and the internal files of the law enforcement recorder that have been imported are automatically cleared. If the law enforcement recorder is disconnected from the workstation during the import of a file, the file remains in the law enforcement recorder.

                                                       Data application management

                                                       The files in the access law enforcement recorder can be imported and stored in the workstation, and a video file is automatically generated for each video file and stored in the workstation, and the quality of the system server configuration file and the number of concurrent conversions can be managed.
▲ At the same time, you can upload files to the server. The uploading time period for uploading files to the management system server, the number of concurrent upload files, and the proportion of uploading occupied bandwidth
File search can search, play and export imported files to external storage devices according to file type, recording period, police officers, SD HD, etc.
View file information to view information about imported files, including file size, duration of video files, and corresponding users.
The file save time setting can be set by the management system server to save the import file. The save time can be set separately for different levels of files.

General management
The charging function automatically charges the connected law enforcement recorder. 
The timekeeping function time calibrates the connected law enforcement recorder.

Safety control

                                                      ▲Mobile storage access requirements: In order to ensure the data security of the collection station and prevent the mobile storage medium from spreading the virus on the collection station, the insertion station can not use the unauthorized disk and the mobile hard disk, and cannot perform any data exchange.

                                                      ▲Wireless access control: The software can control the device with wireless communication, such as law enforcement recorder, etc., after accessing the collection station, it will not cause the collection station to access the Internet, preventing the occurrence of one machine and two network violations at the collection station.

                                                       Network access control: The software of the collection station can control the device to access unauthorized segments and communication ports, prevent illegal collection of the collection station, and prevent viruses from spreading through the port.

                                                       Process Control: In order to prevent the virus from running automatically on the collection station, the collection station software can control other processes except the allowed processes to run.

                                                       Anti-recording screen: In order to prevent the unauthorized transmission of law enforcement video, when the collecting station plays the video, the watermark of the currently registered police officer information can be superimposed on the video screen.

System operation and maintenance management

                                                      The log function saves information about the management system server. The operation log of the law enforcement recorder; the operation log of the user on the workstation, including import, view, view, export, delete, etc.; and the operation log of the user in the management system server, including the login management system, adding users, deleting users, deleting the collection workstation Wait. Each log should have information such as time, date, and event. Statistics function, which can be counted by managing system servers. The total length of video uploaded to the management system server, including the total duration of HD video, the total length of SD; the total number of workstations accessed; the total number of users created.

                                                       Remote upgrade, remote upgrade of workstations through the management system server.


Device protection
Equipment power adaptability, insulation resistance, leakage current, and electric strength are in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security for police electronic products.