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Law Enforcement Instrument Test Process Specification(1)

. Purpose: To provide the test and inspection specification delivery basis for products to control the final quality of the product.

. Scope of application: Applicable to the law enforcement instrument currently produced by the company.    

. DC power supply, multimeter, test stand, earphone, computer, USB cable, HDMI cable, walkie-talkie, external camera, with HDMI TV, test software, etc.

. Firmware burning: The firmware can be burned normally by the tool operation steps of firmware burning.
Note: The firmware version to be burned must be correct.

V. Functional test 

1. Semi-finished current test: Test to check whether the leakage current (not turned on), the on-screen lighting current, and the off-screen current are within the corresponding range.

2. Boot screen check test: the boot screen display should be correct, the LCD display color is color cast, water pattern, bright spots, black spots, jitter flashing and other undesirable phenomena, the boot indicator is normal.

3. Button function: Check whether the function of each button is normal, the feel of the button and the strength of the button are moderate.

1) The “Switch” button can be turned on and off normally.

2) The “MENU” button can be used to open the setup menu interface.

3) The “Playback” button can open the function of browsing photos and recording playback files normally.

4) “Upper and lower” Select the function key to realize the up and down direction selection function, the definition should be correct (the upper key can quickly open the infrared light, the lower key can quickly close the screen to open the screen)

5) Press the “Photo” button to take a picture.

6) Press the “Phase” button to shoot the video normally.

7) Press the “Record” button to enter the recording mode for recording.

8) Press the “PTT” button to talk to another intercom (using the dedicated line to connect the AV IN connector and the intercom).

9) Press REST button to reset and reset normally.

4. Photo test: Under the camera function, test the image resolution of 1~3 meters distance without distortion, color point, black corner black shadow, flashing jitter, color cast, blur, etc.

5. Photo-detection test: Under the video function, the test video image should have no color cast, color point, black corner shadow, blur and other undesirable phenomena. When recording, it will flash red light to confirm whether the indicator light is normal.

6. Recording test: press the record button to display the recording interface and start talking for 3~5 seconds. The playback recording can be sounded normally without obvious noise or noise. The recording should be clear. When recording, it will flash yellow to confirm whether the indicator is normal. 

7. Speaker voice test: play video or recording can sound normally, no noise, noise, broken sound, can switch with the headphone sound.

8. Flashlight / Flash Test:

1) Press and hold the M button to turn on the LED light of the flashlight and check if the brightness of the light is normal.

2) Take a photo in the dark to get a normal flash photo (2 o'clock model).

9. Infrared light / Light sense test: Turn on the infrared mode in the setup menu to automatic, whether the infrared light can be fully illuminated in the dark, and whether the infrared shot effect is clearly visible.

10. Motion detection test: Turn on the motion detection function in the setup menu to test the machine to take automatic camera function while moving.

11. Gravity sensing test: Open the gravity sensor in the setting menu. When the collision, it can automatically record and lock the lock, check whether the gravity sensing function is normal, and the induction should be accurate and sensitive.

12.GPS function test: set menu to open the GPS function test, can normally collect the star, and the signal strength of the received star should be within the normal range. (Depending on the model)

13. Interface function

1) HDMI interface: plug in the HDMI data cable to connect to the TV, play back the video file. TV image and sound should be normal.

2) USB interface: plug in the USB connection to the PC, which can realize the synchronization function with the PC; can read and write the file operation to the FLASH storage, and the USB connection power can be charged normally.

3) AV IN interface: Connect the intercom to press the PTT button to talk to another intercom, connect the external camera, and the external camera can take pictures.

4) Test the headphone jack: Insert the headphone to play the video or the left and right channels of the recording. The sound can be sounded normally, no noise, noisy, and the sound of the left and right channels should be the same.

5) Remote control function test: set the menu to open the remote control function test, press each function key on the remote control should be valid, and the distance of the remote control should be within the normal range.