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Police Body Camera---- Protector Of the Police

 With the rapid development of society, we now live in a more and more complex circle, mobile law enforcement officers face a complex law enforcement and the environment is also complex and changeable.


The event happened outside Eugene middle school, an Oregon officer fatally shot the parent of a student. Thanks for his police body camera, it showed that officer's use of deadly force was justified.


Due to various reasons, the problem of the police and the people fight frequently, the masses hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the law enforcement action of the law enforcement officers, and the law enforcement departments need to make corresponding civilized law enforcement to gain the trust of the masses. Therefore, 4g Police body camera can not only help law enforcement officers to better serve the people , but also defend a case with a video evidence system that public can trust.

Police body camera is widely used in mobile law enforcement. Now many people, such as city management, police, public security and highway police, ought to use the Police body camera, which is the inevitable trend of the development of science and technology.


The 4g Police body camera sends the high-definition video information back to the command center in real time through the 4G and 3G wireless network. The video resolution can reach 1296P, which is convenient for the command center to grasp the war situation accurately, and make timely response and command dispatch. The integration of wireless video surveillance of 4G Police body camera and City video surveillance network can make up the blind spot of fixed video surveillance, and realize video monitoring of whole battle without dead angle. The cluster intercommunication function of 4G intelligent Police body camera makes the public security intercommunication, cluster and dispatch command have no limitation on any distance.

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   Product Highlights :

l  Ultra-long Life Battery

l  Capture Case Evidence Quickly

l  Seamless Sharing and Collaboration

l  Security Assurance

l  High Resolution

l  Strong Signal Strength