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New Dual Lens 360 camera launch to the market

 In March 2017, a new 360°camera was born, it is TWIN Dual Lens 360 Camera,which main features as below:

1、Real 360°. Optical configuration dual F2.0 fisheye lens,Instant auto 360°X360° image stitching.

2、Resolution. Video Up to 3040X1520 (30fps) MP4. Photo is 8 megapixel JPEG.

3、Live VR . 360° VR live streaming up to 3K resolution.

4、Sharing.  360° picture one press to capture, Instant sharing to facebook ,Twitter and other social platforms.

Advantage About Dual Lens 360 Camera:

1、New look. Our dual lens 360° camera s a simple and beautiful mobile phone, elegant and generous.

2、Hand hold. Lightweight and small camera allows you to hold with one hand.

3、Good splicing. You do not need to splice the video and photo by software,the camera will splice two 360 degree video into one video.

4、Good compatibility. the camera can be adapted with Andrews and Apple phones, or used alone.

5、Application : Wedding, Traveling, Media, Security.